Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Flash tour

Over the weekend, work on the bus was not as dramatic as hoped since I spent time on supplies trips. Add to that, I still have a virus and that explains the slow progress.

A wild hair had me purchase a CB radio then get an aerial, aerial mount and coax. I just figured I have a truck chassis so it might be handy for general alerts etc. This was one thing I installed. I put aside the idea of unscrewing all the body panels to hide the reversing camera cables and decided simply to tape them to the roof. Its quicker, simpler and easier.

Then I constructed some of the bedroom walls and test painted one of the windows black. The plan is to paint the windows that aren't being used as windows then to line the inside of the walls with OSB and spray insulation.

Before the OSB and insulation are installed, more leak sealing since there are a couple of roof leaks. Looking at the leaks, it seems the hillbillies that had the bus before me just squeezed silicone sealant over the seams without treating rust first. As a result, the sealant has lifted, leaving a gap for water to enter.

Meanwhile, for a change, here's a video of the inside of my bus.

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