Saturday, March 14, 2015

Yippee - I have a reversing camera

It ended up costing double what the unit price cost. The $40 reversing camera and screen cost $40 for the unit and $45 for the extra bits needed to extend from a short car capable cable setup to a longer setup more suited to a bus.

Fitting the camera was the tricky bit. That involved all the cabling of yesterday and drilling another hole through the bus skin. Again, it took a complete charge from the cordless drill to get through. I'm rather glad I don't have to drill too many holes like that!

The next stage was to close the hole on the outside with enough space for the camera cable. That was a case of taking two pieces of aluminum strip and drilling a hole between them then screwing them down. As usual, silicone caulk was the shining star.

With trepidation, the camera and screen were wired into a brand new toggle switch and the system tested. It all went perfectly. Adjusting the camera to the perfect angle will be critical.

All in all, it was successful though inside there is quite a coil of excess cable and I simply taped over the hole inside rather than do anything else. I'll get to it at a later stage.

Earlier today I went to the store to get more supplies but it took forever. A group of Hells Angels passed along the road before I excited from the side road onto the main road. 10 minutes later traffic ground to a halt and ambulances, police and firemen arrived. It seemed that something must have happened to one of the bikers.

Returning later along the road, the accident had been cleared away. Judging by the red flags festooning the place that hadn't been there earlier, there must have been a fatality. Needless to say, the detour and the waiting took about an hour out of the day. Otherwise, I'd have made a start on cutting the OSB for the sides of the bedroom area.

My leak sealing of last week worked well. Last night the rain came down hard. Inside the bus was bone dry aside from the cockpit area. I have a feeling that leak is coming from the ventilation system though how to cure it is a mystery.

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