Sunday, March 8, 2015

Very little work today

The idea was to head to Lowes for some wood and plastic planking then to return to the bus in order to give the windows that I'd painted a second coat. Then I wanted to lay the final bathroom floor planks and possibly fasten the first OSB panel to the wall.

On the way to Lowes, I paused by an old friend's residence in order to drop off some goodies. She'd had a major operation a week or so before and as I'd been ill with a virus, hadn't visited her as I didn't want to give her a virus to contend with on top of her operation.

Needless to say, she was feeling worried about her surgery site and was going to drive - against doctor's orders - to a doctor for assistance. Thus I ended up taxiing her to and from the doctor's office. Bang went quite a chunk of the afternoon but I'm happy she didn't drive herself.

Returning to the bus I had time to give the windows a second coat. I'd poured a little much paint into my roller tray and so went on to paint other windows. Then the light went.

I managed to offload my lumber and plastic plank from my car into the bus. That was it for today. Actually, given the leak sealing at the weekend it would be wise to check the leak proofing. Next Saturday should be the test for that as it is forecast for rain.

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