Monday, March 9, 2015

Virtually nothing done

As today is a work day, there was an hour after work before darkness descended upon the bus. Thus, after work I gave a second coat to the insides of the painted windows. Now my windows look much blacker. There are patches the roller wouldn't touch and which will have to be touched up with a small brush.

I had a wild hair and painted my CB call sign on the sides and back of the bus with a stencil and some black paint. It looks a bit sinister as NSA2011 but explained, it makes sense. No Strings Attached 2011 and of course 2011 is a year. I can't wait for the conspiracy theorists to try to make something out of that!

Stenciling in the dark is not to be recommended as its not really possible to see if the paint roller is too loaded with paint. I have some smudges and dribbles but the dribbles I'll tidy next time. The smudges I probably won't. It doesn't have to look perfect.

After the first, rather splodgy attempt, the other attempts went a load better. As I said earlier, I'll tidy up the dribbles at a later stage.

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