Sunday, March 22, 2015

Arrghh! It rained!

Before I knocked off for the night yesterday, I put some plastic over the roof vent, sealing it. Last night it rained. Looking at the wet in the cockpit, I can't see much if any difference. That leaves me puzzled as to where the water is coming from.

Today was meant to be spent finishing the bedroom walls and sanding the floor. That didn't happen due to the rain. It was simply impractical to take OSB outside to cut it in the rain and I couldn't do much inside without power. Needless to say, I did do things but not exactly what was intended.

After putting up some more foam over the side windows, I cut some smaller sheets of OSB and fitted them to the side. Then as I'd run out of OSB that was usable for the sides, I cracked on with building my toilet. That's now complete aside from needing handles and a hole under the seat to allow functionality. The seat needs to be attached too!

Other than that I wired a USB socket via a switch into the console. It claims to be fused but I'll put a fuse in anyway. At least now I can run GPS or my cell phone charger. I'd been missing that!

I'm still planning on having the bus move-in ready for April. Sure, I'll have a ton of things that still need doing but it'll be easier when I'm living in the bus.

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