Friday, March 13, 2015

Camera work

Today was a day in which a little thing took forever. It sounds so simple to tape a pair of wires from one end of the bus to the other yet it took most of the day. What took the time was a combination of things.

First I had to unroll a length of power cable to go alongside the video cable. That would have been faster if I hadn't had to keep untwisting the cable and if I'd not had to splice it midway due to a miscalculated cut.

Next I had to tape the wires together. I started by taping them every foot but that proved too far between joins. Thus I ended up taping 50 feet of cable every 6 inches.

Finally it was a case of taping the wires to the bus. Where the ceiling panel met the angled panel that reached down to the wall panel, there was a handy crevice into which the wires could be pressed then taped. As the wire has to stay put for a long time, as aluminum tape was chosen.

Having reached the end of the bus, applying 6 inch lengths of aluminum tape at a time, it was necessary to make a hole through which to pass the cable. This was achieved using a 1 inch hole saw. It took forever and one hole wore out the battery for the drill! Tomorrow's task will be to complete the mission. By the end of tomorrow, the reversing camera will be working.

Rumor has it - from Amazon reviews - that rainwater enters the camera. This is why they make duct tape!

Otherwise, I measured the OSB for the side of the bedroom and found it needed just two inches chopped off the width. That's a task for tomorrow. Today it was raining and unsuitable to do anything on the outside of the bus. I even cut a PVC plank to length for the final floor plank. The ends were way off square so it was a jolly good thing I measured twice!

As ever, progress is visible yet painfully slow.

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