Sunday, March 15, 2015

The first closet wall

Today the temperature inside my bus soared to 105f or 40c. That was a trifle warm and proved the bus really lacks insulation. Still, opening the emergency doors and the front door had the cooling effect I desired enabling !e to work inside.

The plan today was to fasten the OSB wall of the closet to the side of the bus. The windows had already been painted black. There had been a plan to inject foam between the OSB and the glass of the window. Somebody suggested there could be too much pressure from the foam which sounded likely. The plan was thus changed to put plastic over the glass instead. The idea is to reduce the likelihood of condensation. Looking in Lowes, it wasn't possible to find anything until I hit on the idea of using vinyl flooring tiles. Needless to say, brain of Britain didn't buy enough and had to streak to the dollar store for more, which worked just as well!

Having put vinyl tiles over the glass, the OSB was attached to the walls with self drilling screws until the screwdriver ran out of power. The plan was to use rivnuts but the rivnut tool I bought lacks an adaptor for 5mm rivnuts. The tool did come with a selection of rivnuts though these have not yet been used.

The plan for next week is to remove the self drilling screws and to use rivnuts instead. Then the remaining part of the wall will receive the same treatment. I will take the opportunity to check on the vinyl tiles. If necessary, contact adhesive will be used in place of the self adhesive vinyl glue.

It would be possible to leave the self drilling screws in place but I want to make the bus easily field maintainable. This is particularly important in case of a leak or a problem with one of the unused windows.

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