Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Progressive bait and switch tactics

A while ago, I took out insurance on my motorhome. I took out collision coverage only and 2 months later had a very retarded letter from Progressive. The letter stated: "The 1995 1995 International is unacceptable because it is a converted school bus. Therefore, insurance coverage under this policy cannot continue. You may be eligible for coverage in Progressive's Commercial Auto program. To obtain a quote, please call your agent"

There are several ways of looking at this. My biggest problem with Progressive is they are the most obtuse people to work with that I have ever encountered. They flat out refused to give me copies of my policy documents or any insurance cards unless I pay extra for the privilege. Their computer system that's supposed to let me have copies via PDF let me create an account but won't actually let me log in to access the PDFs. Basically, I've paid money without ever actually knowing what I've paid for other than a very vague oral description from their agent. In any other industry that would be considered fishy enough not to complete the deal. As all insurance is fishy as indeed are pretty well all financial practitioners, the general odor of herring clouded the scent of fish.

The first viewpoint is that the agent didn't have a clue what he was selling, which really doesn't say much for Progressive's product information nor training. Nor does it say much for Progressive's computer system.

The second viewpoint is that this is a classic bait and switch (which is along the lines of what I believe is happening). $125 seemed rather a low amount for a year's coverage. Checking online, another insurer offered full coverage including possessions for $600. Now Progressive is telling me, sorry your cheap policy won't do. You must buy our commercial policy despite my vehicle most emphatically not being commercial.

The third viewpoint is that Progressive doesn't have much of a clue about what it is exactly that they're doing. Certainly when I used their online system and gave the agent the quotation number that I'd received, the agent could find no trace of the quotation.

Clearly Progressive is treading on thin ice. It took one screw-up from State Farm for me to change insurers. I'm being very generous and waiting to see what the agent comes up with. After that I might be looking at an AARP policy.

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