Friday, February 27, 2015

Scored a shower base for $40!

Yesterday, having decided to abandon the bathtub idea, I looked online for shower bases. They came in a wide assortment of sizes and shapes but started at $100 rising to several thousand dollars. That was a bit pricy and the cheapass in me had me looking online. 

After hunting for quite a while I chanced upon somebody local selling surplus hardware. They weren't advertising shower bottoms but contact showed that they did and at decent prices too. Thus today I drove to their premises and purchased for $40 a really nice shower bottom. 

Having got a shower bottom,I could commence construction of the bedroom wall, now knowing what the width had to be in order to accommodate the shower beside the doorway. Of course a second trip had to be undertaken because the position of the shower meant more PVC planking was needed, upon which would rest the framework for the wall.

Cutting the wood to fit the strange quirks of the bodywork was easier than I had imagined. Clearly my woodworking class in highschool was useful! Needless to say, my woodowking will probably make a bona fide carpenter grimace or wet himself.

Having the first beam up gives me great hope that the rest of the construction will be this easy! Tomorrow's task will be to construct the entire wall and possibly the door too.Sunday's task will be to complete the wiring of the reversing camera and possibly to mount it also. Sunday its supposed to be rainy day and days like that are excellent for doing electrical work. I have a lot of electrical work to do!


  1. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but are you aware of the serious welding defects in Carpenter school bus bodies that pretty much put them out of business?


  2. Lol yes - it was one factory that did the bad welds. Not all carpenter factories did bad welds. These were discovered after they went out of business. The weld failures are in the roof supports and only come into play if a car lands on the bus roof.