Saturday, February 14, 2015


  Today started with the intent of laying plastic planks underneath the bathtub area. Needless to say, by the time I had swept up the debris, the DAPTex garbage which had taken forever to  set had also brushed away as a powder. That stuff is so bloody useless that anybody buying it is a fool. I have two containers of it that will be used as a rifle target. Maybe they will produce entertaining results as they explode.

It didn't help that I'm not quite over my bug of the past week or so. Needless to say, I did what I normally do when not feeling well. I concentrated on the electrics as I can do 90% of that, just sitting in the driving seat. The electrical work did involve a trip to Walmart and Lowes. Lowes had some silicone caulk remover that sprayed onto the silicone I wanted to remove from where the hillbillies had plastered it. Spraying it on didn't make any appreciable result other than making it slimy for my ultimate tool of last resort. The tool of ultimate last resort was a screwdriver. In fading light, when I had recovered a bit, I dug it all out and probably tomorrow will work on the plastic planking.

Walmart had stuff that I needed for the electrics and some stuff the bus mechanic (who turned up today) recommended. He secured a loose power steering hose and recommended more power steering fluid. He found my brakes were brand new and that the oil had a thickening agent and that the sump gasket needed to be replaced. Apparently my oil will be good for about 10,000 miles. He suggested a grease gun so I go a grease gun and some grease.

For the electrics, I got a load of connectors since most things seem to be connected via spade connectors, a couple of switches and some other interesting things. Perhaps my daftest purchase was a combined compass, clock, temperature gauge. It could be fun even though the clock is a bit small to view easily.

Carpenter's electrics inside the console were quite straightforward. There was a negative panel and a positive rail. The old top strobe switch became the switch that will be used for my new reversing camera. The old power cable for the strobe might become the power cable for the reversing camera. The upshot was that the screen worked well and when I tested it with the camera, it worked just fine.

The light went and the temperature dropped so I had to call it quits for the day. Tomorrow aside from taking m'lady out for dinner (we chose to have a Valentine's day dinner the day after Valentine's day in order to avoid the rush), I shall be installing the plastic planks. I might even have to buy more. With luck and a fair wind, the bedroom partitions might go up also. I might even work in the wiring for the camera, even counting in a visit to Radio Shack or Lowes or somewhere similar for an extension cable.

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