Sunday, February 22, 2015

Taking a shower

Yesterday due to a work commitment I was unable to work on the bus. Today, however, I made up for that sad lack. Not only is the final board for the bath floor down and sealed but the beginnings of a solid bath mount are present also as is the bath. The wall pictured was just balanced in place while the general layout of the place was studied. It seems to work well enough.

After getting so far, it became self evident that the plumbing would have to be addressed before installation could be finalized. Of course, having visited Lowes for plumbing parts, the daylight had escaped.

The plan is to pass a pipe through the bus floor with a u bend underneath the bus. Of course if there's a chassis member in the way, the plan might have to change slightly.

Next week, the plan is to complete the shower as far as the drain and installation are concerned. Waterproofing and the water supply will be worked out later.

While at Lowe's, m'lady rand to request that I brought her grits and a coconut cake. Walmart being next door to Lowes, I pulled into Walmart's parking lot, in torrential rain. Having completed my shopping I exited Walmart to be greeted by an entertaining spectacle.

A clearly drunk woman escaped through the side door of an ambulance outside the entrance to be rounded up by the ambulance staff and reloaded into the ambulance. Walmart staff and their security detail were in the background observing and commenting. Walmart is always entertaining!

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