Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Bah.... Leaks!

Today I went into my bus. It had been raining hard all day and all night. Oddly enough my purpose in going in was to measure the bath tub in order to calculate the size of shower I could install. The bath was 30x60 inches but the allowable space is just 56 inches. Online, various sized shower bases are available. As there's precious little headroom, I will need a wide shower in order to accommodate a seat. Fortunately there seem to be plenty shower bases around that will suit.

Meanwhile, I checked for leaks. The leak over the wheel arch was still present and there was a leak in the toilet area. The window I moved has a leak right at the top and there's still a leak into the driver foot well. Those will be attended to soon. None are anything major. Until the leak over the wheel arch is attended to, the bedroom installation could have some interesting issues.

About the only thing that I did inside the bus today was to remove the bath and heave it out. I had glued a piece of wood to my PVC floor with silicone sealant. Fortunately the sealant had not worked. This is worrying though as it means my planks by the leaky door might not be well sealed. I will have to check my seals. Maybe I just have a duff tube of sealant?

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