Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Sheer strength

Not knowing the sheer strength of my 10-24 bolts, I asked Fastenal who were the suppliers and they reckoned on 1200lbs. Thus, they seem ideally suited for my battery compartment. I will, of course put them in multiples, just in case. I had a feeling they were the right bolts when I bought them. In any case, steel rivets would have had a sheer strength of 700lbs.

Yesterday I spoke of the difficulty of getting work. Here is a prime example: I applied online to one of the jobs advertised as being local and had this response.

Clearly I applied for a position on Indeed.com. That's evidenced by the email subject of "Patient Relations Call Center Representative job in Columbia, SC". I receive an email telling me to "come in and apply for this position." So, which is it? A job I applied for or a job I didn't apply for?

Obviously it was a fake job put up by an agency that leaves honey traps to collect resumes. Aside from this being exceedingly dishonest and immoral, they expect me to come to an office over 20 miles from my home and 40 miles from my job, at a time when I will be at work. It's incredibly rude for them to expect me to miss work just to come to waste time and money on a visit to an office without it being an actual interview with an actual employer. If the job was actually working FOR Roper Staffing as a bona fide employee at their office then OK but a spurious visit? Good God, if they think I have time to waste plus gas money to waste on whatever this is, they're insane! Sadly, this kind of thing is so common with agencies that I skip any advert that looks like its from an agency. Needless to say, that leaves very few genuine jobs online. In 20+ years I have never had anything from agencies bar my time and money being utterly wasted.

Hence, since admin and senior admin seem to be treated by South Carolina employers as a "women only" job, I'm building the bus so I can get a job with more forward looking, modern world employers. Indeed, its so bad in Columbia that I rarely apply for jobs here. As an example, I applied for a job, had an email requesting me to ring to book an interview and was told there were no jobs. My lady friend rang 30 minutes later and was told there were lots of jobs and to come on in. That's just one of many examples of sexism in Columbia, SC.

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