Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Latest developments

Today it rained hard so I managed to check my bus leak seals. Aside from a minor drip over the shower windows, all those treated recently have been cured. That can be considered a great success! The remaining leak will have to be traced another day.

Another leak has resurfaced. A while ago, I sealed the cockpit roof vent and noted that cockpit leaks had been greatly reduced. A few days ago, I removed the plastic bag I had taped over the vent. Now the leak is back and just as bad. Given that Carpenter went bust in 2001, its unlikely that I will be able to obtain a replacement roof vent cover. I know exactly what the problem is - the vent cover is dented as though somebody trod or sat on it. I'll probably just do away with it.

The Rustoleum that I'd painted on bare aluminum has now begun to peel. It's peeling on the paintable caulking that had cured not many days before it had been painted. It's peeling off aluminum that had already been painted. It's peeling off plastic where it had dropped accidentally yet had appeared stuck fast. Let's just say I don't consider Rustoleum to be worth the bother of applying even if the paint was free! The worst of having painted with Rustoleum and wasted my money on it is not that waste of time and money but the time and money I'm going to have to invest in getting that garbage off the bus in order to repaint with another brand.

For the moment nothing can be done because almost all the work is outside. The minor stuff can be done anytime but I'm concentrating on the last big projects right now. Eventually I want to strip the Rustoleum garbage off but that is on the back burner.

Interestingly, I painted a different color of Rustoleum labelled as rust killing on the back bumper. There's rust showing through now. I know Rustoleum has a class action against them for selling a furniture restoration potion that damaged furniture. It can't be long before they get a class action against them for their other garbage.

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