Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sanity vs forums

It is very interesting to compare Eric's response to my leaky roof to the forum response. The forum response was to spend $200 on a roof sealant whereas Eric's response was to fix the leaks. I think that tells me pretty much what I knew already. Forums are a waste of my time reading because behind basics the users are full of dangerous or expensive ideas. It brings me back to what somebody I met once said: if your only contact is via a computer, how do you know the person you're talking to his even human? I've already deleted one forum because the users were antisocial and childish. Perhaps it's time to recognize that I really am on my own doing the bus conversion.

As a temporary measure, the first dry day, I shall head to the roof with duct tape. That'll buy me time until I can get the joints soda blasted, painted, sealed and taped with tar based tape.

After last night's heavy downpour I hastened to check the state of the inside of the bus. The bedroom tabletop had a puddle of water on top. The bathroom had water on both sides. The galley had water only on one side. That leak is quite bad as the drip catcher I'd set up was almost full!

I'm jolly glad I only have three leaky seams and that the water ingress was mostly caught. I tipped that outside so now its ready for tonight's downpour!

I checked my new electrical connectors. Behold! They don't fit together!

It seems that I'd inadvertently bought an L5-30 socket and L6-30 connectors. Oops. So, I've had to order the correct socket. I've now got two sockets I can't use but two plugs I can. I'd much rather they weren't locking plugs but they are and I'm in deep enough now that I really don't want to change my route.

I went back to the bus and discovered my water catcher had a teaspoon of water already in it. The hardboard is pretty soaked and had fallen down. Attempts to replace it weren't highly successful until I changed to a bigger, more stable drip container.

Looking at my microwave, the inside is pretty rusty. There seem to be rust bubbles on the outside too. Given that the thing was used between November of 2011 and April of 2015, that's unacceptable. The warranty was a year or basically, long enough for Walmart to get you out of the door.

Given that it would take a lot of work to fix and since microwaves use a hell of a lot of power, I'm wondering what to do. I suspect paying $50 for a new microwave makes the most sense.

Meanwhile, I'm looking at the floor. I painted some of it yesterday but it's not yet dry. I am thinking of putting more plastic covering down like I did in the bedroom. Sadly I don't have quite enough though.

As it came from Walmart, I'd already looked for more but was unable to find it. Asking Walmart online so far has led nowhere, leading me to wonder if it was a special, end of line or an oddity.

As its currently still raining and raining with the heaviest downpour in history, its nice to note that only 3 seams on the bus are leaking. I shall have to attend to those seams as soon as possible. I particularly want to deal with rust.

The procedure will probably be to blast the existing sealant out then brush clear, paint with anti rust paint, caulk liberally with silicone caulk then I might put that tarred flashing up that Eric was mentioning. The goal is to be leak free. Once the leaking seams are dealt with, I might add flashing over the non-leaking seams just to be sure, particularly since climbing on the roof isn't easy without a ladder!

I still have to install frosted curtains over the bathroom windows and curtains over the others. Priority has to go to leak sealing. Then I can work on other things.

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