Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Daylight robbery!

I've been subjected to two of the most appalling acts of robbery known to man or beast. The first was last night during a spell of insomnia when I actually paid $19 for a key switch to use with my forthcoming door opening device. I'd have had too go and have a good lie down after that had I not already been lying down on the job!

The key switch chosen is a high security ignition switch from a Harley Davidson. It's one of the circular keys. I'd have used a cheaper switch if it hadn't looked as though a two year old with a paperclip could have operated it without having seen a key.

The second bit of daylight robbery arrived this morning in the form of a demand for tax for my bus. The cheek of it!

They want a whole $23.40 and they're not even offering any discounts! I'm definitely going to have to sell the deeds to Brooklyn Bridge to pay for that one!

Meanwhile, after work, I sat on the bus for a while, enjoying the sound of the crickets outside. I really should get on with work on the bus but since it's now dark shortly after I arrive home, work has now to be weekends only.

I'm still hunting for 15 gallon barrels and drawing a complete blank. This is most frustrating and, as I predicted, I'll probably end up having to pay through the nose for something paltry. 55 gallon barrels are easy to get but are way too big. If all else fails, the plastic totes might suffice. Actually, for the fresh water supply a plastic tote could be better because of its known origin and known previous content. The foul water container just has to have a way of emptying. That could either be via a pump or a faucet. They each have advantages and disadvantages.

This weekend, the plan is to rebuild the battery/cable compartment the hillbillies built. I have to get steel rivets and a better rivet gun or a bag of nuts and bolts. Either way of construction has advantages and disadvantages.

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