Saturday, October 17, 2015

How disheartening!

Today I went to the bus with the intention of painting the roof. It seems the Rustoleum on the roof is now beginning to peel. More areas of the sides are peeling too. Clearly there's something amiss with the Rustoleum. Indeed, I contacted Rustoleum and they agreed it shouldn't be peeling and bubbling and announced they were sending some form of refund. Obviously they must know something about that batch for them to be sending a refund.

That was pretty disheartening. I have a small pot of grey Rustoleum that I was planning to use to complete the roof painting. Having seen all that, I've decided I'm not going to waste my time putting more Rustoleum up if all its going to do is peel. Clearly at some point I'm going to have to repaint the whole bus. It kinda spoils the effect but I need the bus completed, paint is something that can be left til last.

Meanwhile, my battery powered shower unit arrived as did my Harley Davidson ignition switch. They're waiting on my unlocking gizmo and my completing the plumbing.

The water tanks are proving troublesome to obtain. It seems to cost $20 a tank for shipping. Secondhand 15 gallon tanks seem to be $20 which is ludicrous for something that's only $40 brand new. I have a feeling I'll end up driving to the manufacturer in Georgia to get brand new tanks. It's 200 miles in each direction. At 19mpg and $2 per gallon, that's going to cost $42 or the cost of shipping two barrels.

Given the ludicrous cost of standard water tanks, even with the ludicrous shipping costs and having to buy new barrels they still work out cheaper.

A few days ago, I bought a lot of cheap 10-24 nuts and bolts. Those might be good enough to hold the forthcoming battery compartment together if enough are used. They're each apparently capable of 55 kilograms. Its hard to find good figures for bolt strengths online. So many sites are such unreliable garbage. I'm sure I have a mechanical handbook somewhere. There's no rush though as I haven't cut all the steel yet.

Speaking of cutting steel, that was another task that never got done today. In order to paint the roof, I had to move the bus. In order to move the bus, I had to start the engine. Oops! Flat battery. Clearly either I have a bad battery or something is draining it. Thus, the battery is currently on charge.

So, the sum total of today is nothing. I got depressed and that's about it. With luck, tomorrow should be better.

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