Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Nothing much

Today was a day when I didn't even enter my bus. I did, however, manage to get 200 two inch 10-24 bolts online for less than 3 cents each. They're zinc plated ordinary steel with a strength of 700lbs. I did get some nylon insert lock nuts to go with them. If need be I can get ordinary nuts cheaply at Home Depot. That's if I find out necessary to pair a nut with a lock nut.

The heaviest thing the bolts will be supporting is two 50lb batteries plus the compartment. I'll be fastening everything in multiple locations so I'd imagine by the time I've built it, I could probably lift the bus using it. I tend to build things strongly.

The neat thing about the bolts is that unlike steel rivets I don't need to buy an expensive extra riveter to employ them. Steel rivets cost more than the bolts did and of course aluminum rivets just aren't strong enough. If I need an extra spanner, they're dirt cheap. Basically, the bolts are a tried and trusted low cost option.

Meanwhile my battery powered shower arrived. It looks to be of decent quality though only time will tell. I'll probably test it tomorrow. The big hold up now is those blasted water tanks. As I said, those are probably going to be my biggest problem.

I contacted a couple of companies selling new 15 gallon barrels and not one responded. Clearly business must be so good that they can't handle more. Either that or its yet another example of US customer service leading the world in suckiness.

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