Thursday, October 8, 2015

50 miles for what?

Today I took a 50 mile round trip drive to Harbor Freight. Nobody else stocked a grit blaster. It wasn't expensive either. Of course, I paid $2 more to get one with a bigger hopper though in practice it wasn't necessary.

Rather than paying $35 for a huge bag of soda, I went to Walmart and got 3 boxes of soda for $2 each. As it turned out, I didn't even finish one box.

What with driving and so on, I didn't do an awful lot then just after I'd blasted all of the seams that needed attention, the sun went and hid itself. The soda wasn't all that abrasive. Perhaps I might have been better using sugar but all the loose rust and loose paint flakes have gone.

After that, each area was sprayed with rust killing spray. Tomorrow the plan is to repaint each seam with grey Rustoleum and then, when that's dry to go over the affected seams with silicone caulk. Following that, there is a plan to repaint the entire roof since it wasn't fully covered when I rollered it in December.

An area where I had previously used rust killer remained rust free. Clearly the stuff works! The silicone had not stuck well to it so I'll paint and the silicone will stick to paint.

Looking at the steel of the old bed frames, it looks ideal for the battery/cable compartment. I had thought of it as too heavy but it looks good enough. The floor of the compartment might have to be plywood for speed and economy. Unlike the hillbillies, I'll be painting my plywood and keeping it drained and ventilated.

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