Saturday, August 22, 2015

Tractor Supply

Today dawned with a visit to Tractor Supply. I'd seen a hand pump available for $40 on their website. It wasn't in the store but I did see a 12v diaphragm pump for $49 that claimed a gallon a minute delivery. That's now on my "interesting" list. It's not yet on my want to buy list. I'm not really that sure I want a diaphragm pump or even an electric pump. There is that manual pump but it's large and its heavy. We're I to use that pump then I'd probably need to replace the bathroom countertop with a section of my plywood and I'd probably want to replace the handbasin. To be brutally honest, I'm not keen on the handbasin I have. I'd much rather get an enameled bowl and put a hand pump to pump water into it and put a drain in the bottom. The only problem would be how to secure the basin to the countertop.

Another thought I had - which would simplify plumbing tremendously would be to have no handbasin in the bathroom but have a manual pump poised over the shower base that I could use to fill a plastic bowl with water. Hot water could be provided by boiling cold water in a kettle and mixing it with cold or by having a warm water tank under the bus heated by solar power.

After returning from Tractor Supply etc, the rain was coming down hard. Thus, it was time to paint inside the bus. The bedroom table, toilet and kitchenette countertop all had their final coats of paint. The dinette countertop needs to be cleared then painted. The saloon doors need some touch up and the galley floor needs white paint. Other than that its window tint and the closet chain that need doing plus of course the shower base mount.

I'm very much in favour of having as much of the bus as non electrically dependent as possible. I want to remain 100% gas free too.

Although my last batch of privacy film arrived today, I started painting instead of installing privacy film. There just wasn't enough light to do anything else - even with my 550 lumen led lantern. I have no idea whether I'll have the inside ready by Sunday night. With the idea of doing away with the handbasin, a redesign of the bathroom vanity countertop might be in order.

I have to consider my options. Whether this will be a boondocking bus or not. Eric's suggestion of using the alternator to charge batteries makes sense in the short term.

After a while, the paint had mostly dried so I set to and cut one of my new rolls of window tint into 26x12 inch pieces. This time, the supplier had not supplied a blade nor a spatula. I used a razor blade to cut the film and achieved the same effect. Six pieces was all one roll would provide so I'll have to start another roll for the seventh. By the time I've finished, 20 panes will be tinted and 4 will have been tinted twice due to my cockups!

Interestingly, in my conversation yesterday with Eric, I mentioned my carpentry and how I was sure Jesus would weep if he saw it. Eric made pretty much the same comment about his own carpentry. From what I've seen, his carpentry is good. Perhaps we are our own worst critics?

So, I tinted three window panes today. That leaves four remaining to tint. Just for fun, I've a photo of light behind my tint. It doesn't add privacy at night but certainly does during the day!

And of course a truly gratuitous photo from the inside, of my almost completed tinting. I definitely need to get something better than a razor blade to finish trimming the excess tint off!
Tomorrow will be more of the same - tinting, painting and possibly installing the shower base mount. Who knows - I might even get to the closet rail!

Thinking further on the plumbing, if a hot tank is installed then I'm not sure whether a diaphragm pump could handle the heat. I know a manual pump could but would absorb much of that heat. I think I'm just going to have to try things. If they work, fine. If not, try something different.

I can see exactly why people use gas. It has many advantages related to its small size and high calorific value. It has too many potentially deadly disadvantages though. The same goes for gasoline generators.

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