Saturday, August 8, 2015

Painting yet again

Today started with giving the cockpit partition a second coat of blue paint followed an hour or so later by touching up the edges and corners. It now looks really good.

After that, the bathroom was cleared and plastic taped over the window that I'd tinted. Then green paint was applied. I quite like the green though it's more lurid than the color swatch said it would be.

Tomorrow the plan is to do a second coat of green paint in the bathroom then to do more tidying in the galley prior to doing the purple paint in the galley.

I still have a lot of white paint to apply but since the colors are above the whites, it makes sense to apply the colors first as then I can just paint over the splashes and drips.

It's quite exciting how close I am to finishing! I still have to put a shower base mount and to make my saloon doors but otherwise I'm almost done. After the painting which will probably take a few more days, I'll build the shower base mount and the saloon doors.

I have run out of suitable materials for the saloon doors, believe it or not! There are a few pieces of trim left to fit but that'll take a day at most as will the tinting. Another thing that needs to be done is the creation of a way of unlocking the front door from the outside. I have some ideas for that!

The ants from yesterday appeared to be dead in large numbers but there were survivors scurrying around so I closed the bus for the night and set off another bug bomb. I might have to keep doing this for a few days. The next thing I need to do is to spray all the crevices with bug killer.

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