Friday, August 7, 2015

Sherwin Williams horrible wrong color matching app

Being somewhat lazy, a few weeks ago, I used Sherwin Williams color matching app on my phone. To say the color doesn't even faintly match is very much of an understatement. It's kinda sorta the same blue but ten times darker than it should be. The app was trying to match the color of the paint Carpenter used on the inside. I used daylight and an open door to match the color. The paint was on the inside of the door and the door was swung wide open with sunlight directly illuminating the paint and the app still got it wrong.

The paint is very nice but way off the shade it should be. I'd have been better off using color swatches. Having bought the paint, which is non returnable, I used it. It's not right but it'll do.

So, aside from that, today I worked hard putting white paint on things. The bits missed by my roller inside my closet got painted. The underside and supports of the bedroom table were painted. The inside of the galley door was painted. By then there was so much fresh paint it wasn't really possible to do much more without waiting for paint to dry.

Having been indoors for a while cooling off, painting was resumed. The vertical beam of the table had the other two faces painted an the latest cupboard door was painted on the inside. Having compketed that, the accursed blue paint was put on the front of the front partition.

Returning after yet another break while the blue dried, the bedroom table was installed in its correct position. It's not really level and the column isn't quite vertical but neither are that far off.

It needs a coat of white paint on the top but it looks pretty good. As usual, the screws were problematic to put through the floor but it worked in the end.

In other news, I found I have a lot of tiny black ants scurrying around inside. From reading, its unlikely that they're termites or Carpenter ants. Mind, since the majority of my wood is treated, I'm puzzled as to why they're there. Still, I let a bug bomb off and closed the bus. If they're not all dead by the time I open the bus tomorrow, I'll be surprised. I'm prepared to have to do two or three treatments in order to nail offspring. Worst case scenario, I have to go and spray every crevice with bug spray.

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