Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Tidying up

Yes, it has got to that point. Today Big Lots had a plastic box for $6 that will hold all my packaged and boxed surplus stock. Well, they don't now!

Right now I'm working toward tidying the galley prior to completing the paintwork at the weekend. At some point my privacy film will arrive so I'll be able to do the privacy tinting. I'm aiming to have the galley and bathroom totally completed by the end of the weekend. Plumbing and electrics will take a while longer.

In terms of electrics, right now I'm thinking of minimum cost. Batteries start at $90 apiece. I'm thinking of getting the electric socket on the outside of the bus, possibly to the rear of the redneck compartment. The redneck compartment will be rebuilt. All the nasty plywood will be removed and a new compartment of steel and angle iron will be riveted together. The redneck door will be improved.

Inside the compartment will be a 120v fuse box that takes a 50A input and outs out 4, 15A sockets. Yes, I realise that 15x4 is 60 but most appliances won't use over 10A. There will be a 12v fuse panel with 12v fuses feeding to all the 12v stuff. That's hot and cold water pumps, charging points etc. If there's room, there might be a 12v battery to power the low demand stuff.

Initially, it'll just be the 120v stuff that's put in. Batteries are costly as are generators and solar panels. The aim right now is to get the bus reclassified as soon as possible.

No photo today. I didn't see the point of before and after messy countertop photos. Anybody can do that so it wouldn't be unique!

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