Thursday, August 13, 2015


As my last paint splattered shirt is awaiting the attentions of the washing machine, other things had to be done inside the bus. I took a while to do it but I put 5 sheets of window tint on the windows. I'll probably have to buy yet more tint.

After the 3 tinted windows in the photo, I tinted 2 more before being called away to attend to a shopping trip.

On that trip I called into Lowe's for 3 more sections of quarter round. I have a plan for the saloon doors that uses quarter round to hold hardboard into place on some 2x2. I also bought longer bolts for my knob. It seems its an 8-24 thread.

I'm probably going to run out of tint. I'm hoping I can complete the galley windows but I have doubts. After the galley windows, I have 4 more 11x24 windows and two smaller windows. I know one of my offcuts will do one of those two windows. I'll have to see about ordering more for the others.

The tint is going on well enough though there are bumps where duyst particles have attached themselves. Oh well, its not noticeable unless I really look hard so I'm not bothered. Nothing in that bus is perfect anyway!

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