Monday, August 10, 2015

Put out an all points bulletin. Missing...

One screwdriver, Phillips head, six inches long, black plastic handle. Missing. Last seen in the vicinity of a large grey bus. Presumed dangerous. No massive reward for recapture.

After having painted the lower portion of the bathroom white and not being ready to put purple paint anywhere, most of the drawers in the kitchen were painted white. All need purple paint on the fronts but with the bathroom with wet walls and wet drawers there really wasn't room to put the toilet in order to paint it. Nor, with the toilet in the bedroom was there room to paint the table top.

As the white paint would likely take a while to dry, the next task was to look at the upper rear light clusters. The plan is to switch the red and amber lenses so they mirror the arrangement on the lower cluster, prior to wiring the uppers in to repeat the lowers. By reusing the lights and repurposing them, it gives traffic further behind more of an indication of turning and braking which, given the appalling driving in South Carolina, the drivers badly need.

I put the stepladder in place and sent up the ladder. Darn it! My interchangeable bit screwdriver wouldn't fit. Time to find my standard screwdriver. Of course, after an hours hunting, it could not be located. It wasn't in my bus nor my car. While hunting in my car, I found my LED sign had been broken - probably by shifting lumber on one of my lumber trips. Not welcome but since it paid for itself and isn't likely to be used again, probably best to pitch it or switch out the display with my old original LED display if that's still findable.

One of the most onerous tasks is washing out brushes and rollers. I tend to automate the process but do wonder whether washing out rollers is ever worth the effort.

After a suitable or even a wholly unsuitable break, I headed out and looked at the paintwork. The drawers and walls were dry enough to continue work so the ready painted drawers were replaced in their respective homes. The three remaining drawers were pulled out and painted. The emergency door which could not be fully painted earlier due to rain had a coat of white on the lower half. The corners of the bathroom that could not be reached with the roller had white paint applied.

Then it was time to paint the bedroom table. The toilet still being in the bedroom was moved to a more suitable location where upon a few minutes were spent sitting on the toilet while painting the tabletop. After that, two sides of the toilet had a coat of white paint. Judging by the way the white paint is now down to quarter of a can, I might have to buy more.

Tomorrow and Wednesday being work days, little is likely to be done though Wednesday being a very short morning means a trip to Lowe's is likely.

As of now, the bathroom countertop needs paint, the toilet needs a lot more paint, the galley needs a second coat of purple paint and the white areas of the galley need another coat. The drawer handles need to be installed, countertops screwed down and a layer of vinyl tiles applied to the countertops. If course the shower base still needs to be installed. Other than that and the few hundred things I have temporarily forgotten, its just electrics and water that need installing. I'm quite pleased with progress!

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