Saturday, August 1, 2015

Almost momentous achievements?

This is my almost table. Today, after yesterday shaping the plywood, I mounted a beam on the wall and some supporting beams. Getting to the critical point, cutting the 2x4, the circular saw stopped.

Wiggling the saw flex produced brief spurts of saw power. Then I saw a section wrapped with tape. Unwrapping the tape revealed that the cable had at some time been cut in two. One can only presume that the operator at the time considered the cable a bit long, tried to shorten it then had a change of heart. The ends of the wires had clearly been pressed together and had clearly parted.

Whipping out my trusty soldering iron, I sat in a hit bus with a hot soldering iron, repairing the cord. Lacking electrical tape, I used duct tape but that'll work. A few moments later, the deed was done. The saw once more worked.

Having cut my beam ready to bolt to the table as the new leg, I took a break and fitted a lock to a cupboard door. The lock turned out not to be that great. If I bang the door, it pops open. Very unsatisfactory so I'll be looking for better locks. To add insult to injury the power ran out on the cordless drill!

Having pretty much come to an end for construction, I looked around and my dissatisfaction with the window tint I'd applied resurfaced. I peeled the film off one of the two windows with poorly applied film, cleaned the glass and put a new film on. That having gone well, I repeated the process with the other window. I'm sure you'll agree it looks better!

Looking down the bus from the bedroom, its shaping up nicely.

It'll probably take me a couple of days to paint the support post and table but when I've erected it, that represents the end of major internal construction. After that I have handles and latches to install in the kitchen, quite a bit of painting and cleaning. By Friday next week, I assume that I'll have finished. I must admit that though there's external work, its nice to have got this far single handedly.

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