Sunday, August 2, 2015

Taking stock of what can be done

Today was a day when nothing much was done. The sum total of today's effort was to install two looks on cupboard doors, make a video and implement the final solution to the toilet problem.

Interspersed with that were requests from m'lady to feed the chickens since they had apparently not been fed and to make trips to the dump with 3 months of household garbage that should have been taken weekly. Kinda smelly!

The cupboard door catches can be a little iffy. I've had them undo themselves when I thump the doors. That might or might not be an issue. If it is, well, I'll face that when and if it occurs. They're probably not the best latches but were what I could get. Having these latches now makes me wonder whether it's even worth putting handles on the doors. If I can avoid that then I can save some money. The drawers need knobs. Knobs are better than handles because they need just one hole. So much easier to draw a line from each corner and drill a single hole where the lines intersect!

The toilet had a problem. The way I'd put the lid meant the whole lid had to be lifted. Given that the lid raising is blocked by the emergency exit door handle, I couldn't be opening that door all the time. Thus, the solution was to cut the lid in two and have two separately hinged sections. The toilet side is easy to lift. The grit bucket side has a hatch to use to get grit. Should that side absolutely need to be opened then I have no problem opening the door or moving the toilet to do so now there's no risk of tipping the slop bucket.

Tomorrow has to be a painting day. Aside from electrics, plumbing and putting knobs on drawers, its time to paint. That means masking tape, rollers, brushes and old clothes! The area requiring attention is the cockpit (primer paint), bedroom table (primer), bathroom (green), dinette (purple). The dinette will be left til last because its full of supplies.

Thinking of electrics, it makes sense to have a 50 Amp socket outside and 3 or 4 sockets at 15 A inside. I can't imagine needing more than 3 sockets. Microwave, fridge and another appliance. I'll see if I can get switched sockets so I can switch unneeded stuff off. No point having the microwave burning up power displaying that silly little clock!

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