Monday, January 5, 2015

You can't make up stuff like this! @statefarm

Today was a day in which the real world took over. I had to run missions, most of which were unsatisfactory. The most surprising thing was what my insurance agent said.

Apparently, State Farm (who I can no longer recommend as an insurer) will not insure my motorhome because it does not have a power hungry oven-cooktop combination. Apparently the underwriters don't consider it a motorhome unless it has an oven-cooktop drop-in combination. That strikes me as so utterly bananas that somebody at State Farm has got to be trying to yank my chain.

This is not the first time I have heard of State Farm being a bunch of kooks. My girlfriend found they wouldn't insure her home because it was over 30 years old. Another insurance agency had no such problem.

I had been working my butt off doing things inside the bus to please the insurance company rather than things that needed to be done. I was told it needed a kitchen and a toilet area. I was NOT told their kooky definition of a kitchen was a drop-in stove. Which is it? A kitchen or a stove? There's a big difference between the two.

I have been living for years doing my cooking entirely from a microwave, steamer, slow-cooker and a kettle. I don't even possess a saucepan nor a frying pan. I do have a wok that I have never ever used. I've had that for several years and never had the need to use it.

Aside from the fact I just don't use a stove, I just don't envisage the electricity generated from solar power would be sufficient to power it. Oven-cooktop combinations really suck up electricity. The alternative would be to use propane and live with a potential bomb near my living quarters or just have a totally wasted space housing an expensive chunk of metal that would never get used.

All I can say, having had this experience of State Farm is that I'm changing my insurance company and will not be renewing any of my State Farm policies. Interestingly they're all due in January or thereabouts.

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