Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A very productive day

Today, after my voluntary work (I work as a hospital volunteer on Tuesday mornings), I went to my Post Box. There, I found a check from the insurance company (State Farm) dated December 26. Last week I had a letter from them dated December 23 stating that my insurance would be canceled on January 13th. This means effectively that my bus had been uninsured since December 26th. Thank Heavens I didn't take it out to get supplies!

So I am in possession of a letter that says I can drive my bus until January 13th and another letter that indicates that it ceased being insured 3 weeks prior to that. The insurance agent (whose name shall not be mentioned as there's a diminishing chance that the agent is innocent of wrongdoing) pushed me to install a kitchenette and a toilet then when I had, yesterday told me that the insurance company wouldn't like it because it didn't have a cooktop oven combination.

My girlfriend had mentioned how fishy the insistence that photos of a kitchen and a toilet be produced sounded when the agent knew full well that the bus was being remodeled. Needless to say, there was little else I could have done bar press on with construction.

Interestingly, I checked online and found a new insurance company that was happy to insure my bus as a motorhome. Thus, it is now insured as a motorhome with another company for less money. While I was at it, my car insurance was up in a few days and so that has now been transferred to the new company. Doing this gave me the chance to review the terms and I found my car had been woefully underinsured. Part of that was because at the time an external individual had arranged the insurance for me. That individual's judgment was as I later discovered, poor to say the best.

So, a positive day for insurance. I even took a trip to a lock company who reckoned they could fit decent locks to the bus quite easily. Big bonus - no more clambering in and out of the back door!

Future plans - to get back to fixing the problems with the bus and then to work on swapping out the missing windows with plate metal and erecting a partition behind the driving compartment. After that, completing the kitchen and commencing the dinette.

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