Sunday, January 18, 2015

More on windows

Today I learned several really important lessons. First that when applying silicone caulk, disposable rubber gloves would be very useful. Secondly that securing a single bus window replacement in place requires an entire tube of silicone caulk and I'm not sure that I don't need more. Finally that freshly cut aluminum shelf draws blood from an unguarded finger quite effortlessly.

As astute readers may have assumed, today I finished the cutting on the sheet of aluminum for window number two but used it in window number one instead. I also trimmed about 1/8th of an inch off the other sheet of aluminum in order to make it fit the window aperture.

Having cut the aluminum, I took out a bus window - the one behind the driver's seat to be precise. That seemed complicated but was actually quite simple. It was a case of removing an interior bulkhead that actually turned out not to be a bulkhead but a cover over an electric cable. Then it was a case of removing the six screws that held the window in place and wiggling the window loose. Of course, I went the extra mile and loosened interior panels just in case. In order to loosen the panel I had to open a cable duct and inside the cable duct was more proof that the bus had just sat in a field - there was an insect nest made of concreted mud.

My intention had been to replace two windows and switch one over to the passenger side today. I ran out of caulk and daylight. Tomorrow the idea was to take the bus to the locksmith to get some decent lock solutions. That's on hold now though. I want to finish securing the windows first. Once the caulk has dried, I have some brackets glued in place that I want to rivet to the bulkheads just to make sure the window does not accidentally come out.

The next thing to do since I have tomorrow off is to head to Lowes to get some rubber gasket and some more silicone caulking. Tomorrow also I have to start the bus engine or it will end up being a month between starts. I can already see light rust forming on the brake disks. That's not good. I have to drive my bus soon. The odometer still does not function and the mechanic fellow that gave me his number is not responding to my messages. He's probably busy  but it's frustrating when I have but two days a week to work on my bus.

There was an urge to go to Lowes before dinner but my lady forbade me to do so. Apparently I spent longer in Lowes than I spend in the shower. I guess it could be said that I'm clean and well-equipped.

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