Saturday, January 24, 2015

Construction starts in earnest

Today was a day of discovery. I found that the window I transplanted is leaking around the top of the frame. I will seal that tomorrow. The seals at the front had reduced water ingress but not eliminated it. There's more yet to seal though For today though the plan was to sand the floor of the bus.

The sanding went reasonably well - not quite as well as I would have hoped because the plywood the hillbillies laid was pretty cheap stuff and full of areas that had been covered over with some kind of filler. Needless to say, I sanded down the kitchenette area to reveal fresh wood. The damage to the plywood is not something I could sand away or repair so I'll leave it as it is. In use, I'll probably install unbacked carpeting along the aisle etc that I can just whip up if it gets wet..

While I was working, it became necessary to move the kitchenette from where it was standing to where it will be located in order to free space to sand further. Having moved it into place, I found myself fastening it in the kitchenette. I still need to do a lot of fastening and particularly gluing it to the body-paneling in order to eliminate rattling as I drive.

Having secured it in place, I looked at the other stuff on the floor and decided against sanding the other side of the bus until tomorrow. For one thing, the wet patch needs to dry. I ended up removing almost all the debris that had built up, especially from removing the rotted floor panel. After that it was a case of removing most of the screws that had been holding it down. As I paused doing that, my lady managed to locate a free filing cabinet and that proved to be sufficient diversion that by the time I'd returned to the bus having picked up the filing cabinet, the light had gone.

Here are some photos from today.

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