Monday, January 12, 2015

Cold weather

Yesterday was so cold that despite desperately needing to run the bus engine to keep the batteries topped up and desperately needing to work inside the bus, I opted to stay in the warm. I'm becoming soft in my middle age!

Last night and today we had torrential rain. It was so torrential that I only dashed to the bus quickly to see if my water leak repairs were working. I'm pleased to report that the leak over the bedroom area has been cured. The leaks at the front are not quite as bad as they were but need more work. Somebody has tried to seal the front before but their repair attempt has flaked off and needs to be scraped and resealed. Looks like I have a day of sitting or standing on the hood to complete the paintwork and to do the leak sealing.

Having done that, there're the windows that need work and finally the interior although I'll probably end up mixing it up and doing a bit of everything.

Meanwhile, my girlfriend's house uses something called a bladder tank. I wonder whether I could use something like that underneath the bus as a white tank. That would solve all the pumping issues though I'd want an internal reserve just in case I ran out of water just after lathering up for a shower!

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