Wednesday, January 28, 2015

DAPtex Plus

Having replaced two windows with sheet aluminum, one window was transferred to the other side of the bus so that both the plexiglass windows which were located on one side were replaced with an aluminum window followed by a real window such that both sides had the same situation. It was reassuring to note that neither of the aluminum windows had any leaks. The seal put on the real window which was a real window seal strip was not as effective. There was a leak and a puddle underneath when I checked it after a heavy rainstorm.

Clearly the leak needed to be sealed. Grabbing a tube of silicone sealant I realised that if this was used, removing it would be awkward and would involve at the very least a heat gun. Thus I tried DAPTex plus again. I had tried DAPtex plus before and had mixed results. It seems to be a product that works occasionally but the rest of the time just makes a nasty mess that's hard to clean up and which wastes more time cleaning up than silicone sealant ever would to remove with a heat gun.

Twice I have had horrendous disasters with DAPTex plus. I cannot believe this product ever managed to slime its way onto the market. It doesn't expand and form a sealing waterproof foam. Instead it runs and dribbles and drips and then expands. It doesn't come off with a wet rag either because by the time it begins to drip and dribble, the user has long gone. This is without doubt that nastiest, most worthless product it has ever been my misfortune to spend $6 on and to my shame I bought two cans of it.

All is not lost however, the cans will make supurb rifle targets and should release a white spurt when hit with a bullet. It's a pity that the people that made this garbage aren't in front of me. Perhaps forced to clean up the God awful mess that their garbage makes, they might take it off the market so people like me won't be suckered into believing the lies on the label.

In other news, I know a mechanic and he looked at the photo of my engine and spotted what he thinks might be an oil leak. That would not surprise me and I wanted him to look over the system anyway so that should get done this weekend. His comment upon viewing the engine was that he hadn't seen one quite that old for a while. It might even be older than he is!

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