Thursday, January 15, 2015

Cheap fuel?

Yesterday I noticed gasoline at $1.89 a gallon. This compares very favorably with the almost $4 a gallon of six months ago. The price of oil has plummeted and the Arabs are being very coy about why they choose to drop the price of oil by nearly 50%. The Arabs say market forces but we all know better than that poppycock!

Arabs always want more money for their oil. This is a fact of life and like so many near monopolies, they use the price as an economic weapon. Make no mistake, we are in a constant economic war with the Arabs. A fine example was the 1970s when oil went so high that Britain (where I lived at the time) had severe shortages. Electricity was only available mornings and evenings. People lived and worked by natural light and by candlelight. With the discovery of North Sea oil, the Arabs backed down with their prices rather than lose all their trade to the new oil fields.

To disguise the economic war, the green movement was encouraged. There's a strong correlation - vehicles get more efficient so the oil price rises. The Arabs need lots of money to support their opulent lifestyles, their cocaine habits and their mission to conquer the West and convert the world to Islam. Heaven forbid that they do so because without a shadow of doubt women would become second or third class citizens and school bus motorhomes would probably be banned.

Due to the excessive oil prices, the West has been developing oil resources from less profitable areas that due to the prices became economically viable. Elton Musk has also thrown a spanner in the works by developing an oil-free electric car that's increasingly popular. Many alternatives to gasoline are being used fairly extensively. The Arab's goose was getting cooked.

Because Arabs need money for themselves and the terrorists they support in the name of Mohammed, they reduced oil prices in order to destroy the profitability of alternatives. This is exactly what happened around 100 years ago to the first batch of electric cars though that time it was the Rockerfeller oil company that squeezed them out and for exactly the same reason.

I do swear that if Mohammed were alive today, he's be carrying an AK47. Mark my words, when the Arabs have put enough hurt on alternative energy sources, electric cars and driven the less profitable oil producers out of business by undercutting them, prices for oil will rocket. The high of $4 a gallon will be $5 a gallon within months of their hollow victory.

One of the beauties of diesel engines is the wide range of fuels they will take - from straight gasoline to kolza and corn oil. Any combustable oil will run a diesel engine though the injectors may need adjustment. If the world stopped buying Arab oil, international terrorism would collapse overnight.

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