Saturday, November 1, 2014

Bought her

Today, my girlfriend, her sister and her sister's boyfriend and I all piled into her sister's car and drove 90 miles from West Columbia, South Carolina to Augusta, Georgia. There, I met the fellow who was selling a bus advertised on Craigslist. Pretty well straight after paying for the bus and signing the transfer documents, I got behind the wheel and started to drive back.

Driving was challenging as there is almost no accelleration, rather a gradual increase in speed. It turns out to be more a case of mashing the accelerator to the floor and praying until it reaches its maximum speed of 55mph.

Inside the bus will have to be redone totaly, which was entirely expected. It's not livable as it is as there are rat droppings everywhere.  The daft rear shelf needs to be cut off as it seems a road hazard.

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