Monday, October 20, 2014

Transport is under way

The advert read "Remodeled School bus". Thus, a few days ago, I went to see it and it's a darling little bus. The tyres as mentioned before are shot and there was an oil leak but this is a bus that I can do something with. I'll never be able to stand up straight inside as the ceilings are somewhat low. Having said that how often does one stand up at home anyway?

The latest news is that the tyres might be being replaced with part-worn tyres by the owner and the oil leak might be fixed too. As I told the owner - if the oil leak is fixed and the tyres replaced, he has a sale. That's pretty much of an incentive!

The windows have to be blocked and some security added as well as the ludicrous shelf removed from the back. A trailer hitch would do well also. It has promise. I am eager to see the result.


  1. Mine drips a bit of oil, but its normal with these. I didn't lose any appreciable amount on the 800 mile trip home from Ky with it. I do want to see about fixing or minimizing it though.
    Does yours still leak any oil, Zephod?

  2. No noticeable leaks though the speedo cable disconnected itself last week.