Monday, October 13, 2014

Things progress

The current owner of the bus that I saw has it in the garage for the oil leak to be fixed. I asked him is his mechanic could put part-used tyres on it to replace the bad tyres. That could be an interesting way to go.

There's still a ton of work to be done on the bus. I've had several ideas. The first is to rip out all the stuff on the driver side of the bus, to coat the windows with a semi-opaque coating in order that nobody can see in but I can see out and to hang some bamboo blinds over the windows. The next thing would be to build the driver side into something usable and to leave the passenger side pretty much as it is.

Another idea would be to redo the entire of the inside of the bus from scratch, pulling all the old stuff out and redoing it as I would desire.

Whichever route I take, one thing is absolutely certain. The shelf at the back that has metal fatigue must meet an angle-grinder and be removed.
If you zoom in closely just where the shelf meets the bus, there's a stress fracture in the angle section. Aside from that, this protrusion makes cornering much more hazardous.

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