Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The weekend's coming!

Plans for this weekend include replacing the two headlamps and at least investigating how to replace the rear indicator. Fixing the reversing lamps is not high on the pecking order.

There was a sudden cold spell last night and as I'm not sure if there was antifreeze in the radiator, I'm not sure how the bus will have fared. The engine should be fine. The radiators and hoses maybe not - if the system had just plain water. Having said that, engines and pipes will take a certain degree of frost punishment before anything happens. I'll show up with a gallon of antifreeze anyway.

Other plans include stripping out some of the bunk beds from one side of the bus. It would not surprise me if the hillbilly who had it earlier hadn't drilled holes in the floor for bolts to secure the bed to the floor. That might entail going underneath to release the nuts.

Aside from the lights, the bus is basically roadworthy now. At some point I'll replace the right windscreen wiper motor (not essential as it's more for passengers) and fix the running lights along the sides. There's a fan that needs to be replaced that keeps the driver cool in summer too.

Right now, after the lights, priority is going toward stripping the existing fixtures that the hillbilly installed. After that, it's replacing the windows and removing bolts that penetrate the frame for nonexistent external attachments. Then it will be a case of installing the new internal skin (with access points for lighting alterations) and insulating (probably with a spray foam insulation). Then the new fittings will be installed.

At some point the bus will be painted. I have a hankering after grey and calling her the grey ghost. This weekend though is lights unless it's raining in which case it'll be the bunks.

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