Thursday, November 13, 2014

Say hello to Mr. Grinder

One of the many priorities with the bus is to make it roadworthy and safe. To this end, the ludicrous green-painted back shelf has to come off. If I can almost walk into it without seeing it, think how road users see it! Thus, in order to achieve this goal, an angle grinder was purchased. As it was a $15 grinder, I don't expect much but fortunately there's not much to grind.

Clearly the back shelf needs to be supported while it's being removed. That had me foxed for a while as I dreamed up all kinds of elaborate supports to keep it steady so that when it dropped, it would not harm the bus parts. Then I realized just propping it on all 4 corners would achieve all my goals. The props can be just chunks of wood roughly hewn into supporting columns. The presence of the bus will stop the structure from falling forward or to either side. Falling back is welcomed as that will be the final removal stage.

The windows are probably going to be that thin sardine can metal from Lowe's glued over plywood then screwed from the outside with torx screws unless a better idea comes up.

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