Thursday, November 13, 2014

The cost so far

As costs come along, I'll publish them.

So far, the bus has cost me a trip to Augusta from West Columbia - around 90 miles in each direction or $30 just to look at it. Then a further trip with somebody else who drove me up and then returned behind us. That was $50 for their gas, $20 for a spare tire for their car and lunch for everybody at $50.

The bus itself cost $4200, registering it and transferring the title was $249. It desperately needed new plates as the old plate said Louisiana and it had been in Georgia for 11 months before I bought it. It now has a nice South Carolina plate. The tag fee was $23.72 and insurance for the bus was $217.

Today I bought some tools to remove the back shelf, namely an angle grinder and some disks, a big adjustable spanner and a pair of goggles. Total $35.26.

E&OE the total spent so far is $4874.98.

Tomorrow I might need to buy some wood to support the back shelf as I'm lopping it off. After that I might be able to sell some of the fixtures such as the hot water tank and the plumbing stuff that are already installed. The plan is to strip the inside out before rebuilding the inside to my specifications but with non-contaminated wood.

Future expenditure - definitely bulbs for indicators and headlamps etc. I'd have replaced them already but was daft enough to leave the bus manual in the bus.

On a highly positive note, one of the people that does business with the company I work for is a commercial vehicle mechanic and is quite interested in my bus. Apparently the transmission is an easy one to work on and so is the engine. He is of the opinion that I got a great deal.

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