Saturday, November 15, 2014

Back shelf meets angle grinder

A few days ago - Thursday to be precise, I bought an Angle grinder to remove the back shelf off the bus. Today, after a mere hour or so, with one girder left to cut, it gave up the ghost. Listening to the mechanism, it seems a bearing probably burned out. This was a Harbor Freight special which was bought in the pre-Black Friday sale. Disappointing and frustrating are words that immediately come to mind.

I would use a reciprocating saw to complete the task but for the fact that I have a lot more grinding left to do after the shelf has been removed. Clearly Harbor Freight needs a visit to try to get a replacement. On the whole, it did a good job until it died.

After the grinding is done, the bus should resemble a bus rather than a hill billy shed. Speaking of hill billies, I had a look at the other additions and they're a ramshackle hill-billy affair. The bus did come from Louisiana but even so, it's bodged, amateurish hill billy workmanship. There're a lot of things that have been secured by bolts passed through two layers of bodywork and just done up so tightly the bodywork has bent.

Driving the bus, all the stuff put inside by the bodgers rattles loudly. Once I get all that out, my own constructions will be so much better. I have a feeling that the owners that did this weren't really the type that should be let out alone.

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