Sunday, August 14, 2016

Working on filling the hole in the floor.

for reasons known only unto themselves, a prior owner of my bus considered it a jolly spiffing idea to install a bathtub. That involved cutting a circular hole in the floor for the drain and then hacking it out  with a saw when it wasn't quite to their liking. Needless to say, I removed the bath. In itself it wasn't a bad idea. It was just too large for the bus.

Initially I'd covered the hole with a steel socket cover but then I tried making use of it as a vent. That didn't really work and was right in the middle of my storage space. Thus, it's time to fill that hole in. Before I did so, I had to make space. That involved moving boxes back to the back storage closet.

When I started, I had not stacked anything particularly tidily. This time I'm trying to be tidier with my stacking. It seems that two of my boxes are rather over large for the space provided. I remember buying those boxes in a hurry a few years ago when I thought I was going to have to move house in a rush. Needless to say, I bought boxes that really were too big. They're good and solid but I can think of smaller, more appropriately sized boxes in which to fit my clothes. The crazy thing is one of those boxes is empty!
Anyway, I'll replace those with more appropriate boxes and eliminate some of my smaller boxes. No point in wasting space when space is at such a premium.

So, I emptied the back, swept the floor and stacked boxes tidily. That allowed me to move forward to the bedroom where I marked out the square I was going to cut out. I'd marked that around a square of plywood I'd cut the other day. Dripping in sweat for it was 108 in the galley and 100 in the bedroom, I set the circular saw to cut half an inch deep only. That cut the wood but nothing else.
As you can imagine, cutting in such a confined space, I undercut the hole which means I'll have to shave a bit off the panel intended to drop in. That, I can complete but I cannot rivet the underside panel in place with aluminum rivets. In order to do it with steel rivets, I have to replace my broken harbor freight riveter.

For today, that's my lot. I have a 4am alarm clock for tomorrow as work starts with a crack of dawn start at the bus depot.

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