Monday, August 1, 2016

Today makes progress

The first thing I did today was to head out to the bus depot. As I'd heard nothing since I passed my state competency test on Friday morning, I wanted to be proactive. Thus I went to the depot which was deserted aside from a single secretary. The upshot was I was directed to a different address and to ask for Dixie. Anyway, I found Dixie and ended up talking to the person I needed to speak to.

Having done that, I headed back via the grocery store. No bus purchases today though thinking about food, I found a large plastic box in the bus full of dried beans and rice. That would probably last a month or more!

On the bus today, I measured the window again and cut some wood to fit. With the window open, the wood fitted very well. So well, in fact, that it was hard to remove. Following that, I used my adjustable tool to cut two 4.5 inch holes toward the top. Then I attached two wings to the board so that it couldn't be accidentally pushed outside. Following that I cut a piece of mosquito mesh then pressed it against the wood while I painted the wood. The paint acted as glue. Once the paint had dried, I painted the other side. It's currently white but I'll probably spray the outside grey to match the bus or black to match the window.

I tried one of my little 3V fans that I removed from the back of the bus in the hole and it worked well. In fact it shifted a lot of air when connected to a 9V battery. That gives me a use for my 9V battery holder that I bought the other day. If I attach that to the board and wire both fans to it, results should be good.

The window unit is designed to be used when needed rather than permanently. Thus a battery power supply seems ideal.

No photograph today. By the time the last coat of paint had got near tacky, the sky was beginning to look menacing. I put my board away and cleared my tools away just in time. Thunder rolled, lightning flashed and the rain began to hammer down. Looking at the forecast, this is what the rest of the week will be like. This is South Carolina where the hurricane season runs from June 1st to December 1st. Bad weather is the norm most evenings these days.

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