Wednesday, August 3, 2016

It rained!

This morning was a 5:15AM alarm after which I arrived at my bus driving class. Within 3 hours I'd been released and was on my way to the doctor for a TB test and a medical. With those out of the way, my next stop was the DMV. There, I found myself faced with 4 computerized tests. Two I'd never heard of before today so they didn't go well. The other two I just missed passing one. The air brakes test that I'd been worried about was a straight pass. So, I now have 3 to pass and two to really bone up on.

Later, I went to Lowes (hiss, spit) and got some 99 cent black spray paint. That'll do for the current window unit. I also got a replacement plug for my 15A adaptor cable. The plug I'd put on was 20A with a 20A angled pin. I only noticed that when I tried to use it yesterday. I'd replaced the plug I'd bought from Tractor Supply as it was falling apart. I get so many problems with flimsy electrical connectors!

The inlet vent is giving me cause for thought. If I put a round vent then I could just use a plastic tube. If I make it square then it will be more challenging to fill the gap between the skins. Many vent covers are rectangular as is my Honda lawnmower filter.

As I had to clean out my car prior to a specific need, I discovered some grinding disks I'd forgotten about. They're 4 inches in diameter which would make cutting a 4 inch hole easier. More food for thought!

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