Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Today's machinations and successes

The first thing that happened was actually yesterday. A message from a school district was left on my phone that if I wanted it, there was a position available as an aid on a special needs bus. That's fine. It all means money. I'd been wondering how I'd fit my existing after school care position around learning to drive busses. So, I went in and signed some papers while being warned I had 90 days to get my learners permit.

The next port of call was the DMV where the line was quite a long way out of the door. It was a cool day so I didn't mind. The upshot was that I went in and passed my general knowledge test. That means half the tests are now done. Next are the passenger test and the school bus test. Then I get my learners permit and have 180 days to pass the driving test.

Returning to the bus, I found my mirror needed to be hung on something ferrous as it had a magnet on the back. Thus, I found some galvanized steel, cut it to shape and removed the swarf then drilled it before screwing it to the bathroom wall - checking for level on the way.
I think you'll admit, it doesn't look bad and the color is very close to that of the wall. It hangs above the hand basin and a little to the right, which is fine. My lantern hangs just above and to the right. That should work just fine.

I squirted more insulation into the bays behind the access panel. On one side I squirted through holes. On the other I removed my screwed on panel and sprayed insulation against the sides and it stuck well. I used just two cans on that side. On the other I used 3 and I'm still unsure as to whether it is fully insulated. The center part seems bigger but seeing how well the insulation stuck, I think I'll just spray carefully and it should work just fine. The front compartment will be more challenging, needing two panels cut.
Finally I pre drilled the panel that goes underneath the hole in the bus. It's a lot of rivets but I want it secure. The next stage will be to make a wooden panel for the top, pre drill holes matching these through the floor then riveting the panel under the floor. After that, fitting and putting down the wooden panel.

I had a further look at the instructions for the bus. Mention was made of a steering wheel adjustment but I could not find a lever anywhere. Mention was made of various warning lights too. I'll have to get the electrics thoroughly checked out.

Meanwhile, I plugged in my small solar panel again. I'll have to see if it makes a positive change. It was relayed to me that my solar panels being vertical might not be the best orientation. I'll have to live with that. There are too many low branches that would destroy panels mounted on the roof. Mind, I don't particularly want to raise the height of the vehicle. It's already 10'6" or 11' (for safety).

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