Sunday, July 10, 2016

You lucky blighters!

Yes, two posts today for the price of one! How lucky can you get?

Today there was a terrific storm. It totally knocked out milady's Direct TV and milady's HughesNet internet service. There was wind, lightning, thunder and torrential rain. A real bonus day in fact.

Well, after the storm, I went into the bus to check for leaks. I'm pleased to say I found no evidence of leaks on my new vents nor did I find evidence of leaks anywhere else. Well, there's a tiny leak in the drivers footwell but that leak keeps foxing me. I never can find where it's coming from. Everything has been sealed. The only possible entry point is one of the air vents.
Meanwhile, a non bus photo. This little fellow was perched on a nearby fence post, having emerged unscathed from the storm.

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