Wednesday, July 27, 2016

No more rear entry for me!

For two years I have been entering the back way then coming up the passage from the rear. Today I completed my front door unlocker. It makes a God awful noise as the linear actuator whines into life but it works. It really works. I can lock the front door and unlock it both from inside and outside.
I did subsequently tidy this jungle of wiring a little but this is the black magic behind my door opener control. One battery pack, one linear actuator, one DPDT 12V automotive relay and one BMW (or is it Harley Davidson) ignition switch.

In the post, my charge controller arrived from China but missing a chunk of plastic. Together with that, my 9V battery holder arrived. That's probably not needed now since I'm using a 12v battery pack.
The instructions are somewhat amazing as this charge controller protects me against thunder. That, I'm sure, will be very useful!
Having a couple of hours left before dark, I set to work and installed the first of my two solar panels. I didn't have enough rivets to complete the job but it's beginning to look good though my bus is now looking less anonymous.
Quite a fruitful day! Tomorrow I might get the second panel installed. I might even get the other one better aligned too!

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