Monday, July 11, 2016

The graffiti on the wall...

I sat on the bus, musing while sweat literally soaked me to the skin. There were several lots of rather good graffiti in the toilets in university. There was probably more skill possessed by the writers of that than by the lecturers of today. One piece of note remarked that one had to flush twice since the refectory was a long way away. The one that came immediately to mind was the age old, "here I sit, broken hearted. Paid a penny and only farted". Though in this case. Here I sit drenched in sweat...
I've temporarily installed a fan over the hillbilly hole in the bedroom floor. I say temporarily because like all the stuff the hillbillies did, the hole is in the wrong place. I'll have to patch it and fill it.  I believe forced air ventilation combined with extraction fans is definitely the way to go. I'm just doing it in the wrong places.

As can be seen, the hillbilly hole is a weird shape. It's also very much closer to my extraction fans. These little battery powered fans do work but not as well as I'd like. I have more powerful 12v fans on order. What I really need is some centrifugal turbine fans though.

Looking at the thermometers, I was rather disappointed by the lack of a major temperature difference. I paused and noticed that the bedroom felt a lot cooler. That's when I picked up the thermometer and waved it near my power inlet vent. That was it! There was an instant drop. The bedroom is usually 2-3 degrees cooler than the galley but the vented area is a further couple of degrees cooler. The thermometer hadn't figured it out yet.

The combination of inlet and exhaust fans seems to be making a big difference. What I need though is to have a ventilation inlet in the galley as well as a ventilation outlet. I'm giving thought to an inlet on the side of the bus. The advantage is that it's simple. The disadvantage is possible sun heat on the vent.

The hole in the floor is clearly in the wrong place. That'll have to be filled and sealed. This is, however, proof of concept. A better place for the inlet would be under the bedroom desk with another under the kitchen side of the galley.

I seem to have made the correct choice of fan. It is rather good that I bought several the other day because the shelf was empty today. I don't anticipate needing more than possibly another one. It's 50/50 over whether I keep using D cells or try a 12v system. The fans don't really need a battery. They could probably run adequately off a reasonable solar panel. They're only really needed during the day anyway. The engine filter is a master stroke though.

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