Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Oh well...

I bought a steel bodied electric plug from Tractor Supply thinking I'd use the off cut of 30A cable and my Nema 6-30 connector to make an adaptor allowing my motor home to plug in via s household cable. Sadly, the 30A cable was just too thick. Oh well. I'll have to get 3 feet of 15A cable.

Meanwhile, I decided to mount my two solar panels between my extraction vents. In order to do that, I have to pass the cable through the outer skin of the bus then through the inner skin. In order to make this easier I cut an access hatch in the access panel. I can't open the access panel without moving ceiling panels. That was fine when the vehicle was a bus. Now it's a motor home, the ceiling panels aren't movable. 
It's not bad and fortunately the only damage was that I nicked the insulation on two wires. That's what they make insulated tape for! Now all I have to do is to install the new panel with a route for the video cable (diagonal to bottom right). The video cable is for the reversing camera I installed.

The fans are reducing the interior temperature but I know the one in the bedroom floor is in the wrong place. I'm toying with the idea of having inlet vents in the side of the bus instead. It's easier to install them and if there's exhaust or vapors from the waste tanks under the bus then they won't get inside as easily. 

I cut a hatch for my new access hole but haven't had time to derust and paint it yet. It was cut from the old scrap table top that was lying in the bushes. I love being able to recycle stuff!

Meanwhile, I did get some aluminum angle bracket to mount my solar panels. The panels are 16.5 inches on the long side and the angle is 72 inches. That's good for all the horizontals. I'll need more for the verticals though. The panels will need to be riveted to the angles and riveted in place. Looking at the construction, the panels and their surround just seem to be glued together. How that's going to work with South Carolina beat, I just don't know.

The plan is either to run all the 12v fans off the panels and to use the excess to charge a battery or set of batteries or something like that. I'm not yet sure how good solar is going to be. On paper it works out but my experiences so far have been pretty miserable.

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