Sunday, July 10, 2016

I don't recall giving permission

for the skies to darken, for thunder to rumble, for the ground to shake or for the four horsemen of the apocalypse to ride forth across the land. Having said that, it must be the end times. Look across the ocean at a small and increasingly irrelevant country that just voted to abandon the European Union. The people there have already surrendered to the end times. It's like watching the Branch Davidians from Waco, Texas all over again!
Today was pretty much truncated by the weather. All I achieved was to take apart another fan and build a ventilation fan to suck cooler, filtered air from under the bus and inject it into the bedroom. That was pretty much a case of mentally redesigning the huge boxy thing I'd got in mind and making something quicker and simpler. It was then that I had a brainwave. I can reuse the battery holder on the fan. That set me looking for the battery holders from the others with the thought of reusing them. Sadly the first had been carved up when I'd been unable to find a suitable screwdriver.

The trick was to replicate some of my plastic plank cut offs. I used some (since those planks were horrendously expensive I'd saved my off cuts). I used my adjustable hole saw to cut a 5 inch hole then screwed down the fan and battery pack. After that, I soldered the wires in reverse so the fan will suck air from under the body and blow it into the cabin. Finally, I sealed things nicely with latex sealant and glued mosquito mesh on the underside.
The latex sealant was somewhat of a performance. It had dried up at both ends and I had to cut into the container to get some usable sealant. That's the end of that tube. I have no idea how many more tubes I'll need. It surely cannot be very many more.

I had a look at the engine filter that will be used under the bus to filter the dust and junk that will be blowing about, out. The filter mount will be straightforward. That construction was curtailed however by the weather.
Finally, a photo of what remains of the no guns sign. It is taking seemingly forever to clear it away one little bit at a time. Eventually it will be done and cleaned away.

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